Foolyboo is a podcast company dedicated to bringing the best in audio edutainment to the world.


Mel Herbert, MD MBBS FAAEM

Executive Producer of Foolyboo

Co-Host and Co-Creator of "This Won't Hurt A Bit", "Shabam!" and "Talking Tesla".

Mel Herbert is Australian by birth (which is why he talks funny) and went to medical school at Monash University in Melbourne. Now that he's an American, he serves as an attending physician and Professor of Emergency Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC at the LAC+USC Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Herbert is an internationally recognized and award-winning educator in Emergency Medicine who is the owner and editor of EM:RAP, an Emergency Medicine focused audio program. Since it's inception in 2001, EM:RAP has used its successful blending of hard-hitting clinical medical education with classy poop jokes to become the largest continuing medical education program in the world, with over 30,000 subscribers.

Mel created Foolyboo LLC, a company whose mission is bringing the very best online and audio education to the rest of the world according to his tried and true secret formula (poop joke + classy + education = gold).  Which is why Mel is not only the Executive Producer but also co-host and co-creator of 3 Foolyboo shows: "This Won't Hurt A Bit", "Shabam!" and "TalkingTesla". Mel actually drives a Tesla and talks about how awesome it is to his co-workers ad nauseum. His house runs off solar power panels, and even though he would say that the long term effects of drinking Diet Coke will probably turn out to be bad for you, there currently exist no meta-analyses confirming this fact, and he loves it, so bottoms up!


Ceci Herbert

Creative Director at Foolyboo

Producer "This Won't Hurt A Bit", "Shabam!", "Talking Tesla".

Raised on audiobooks in the back seat of a Volvo heading up and down the east coast of Australia, Ceci Herbert developed a keen ear for stories and an insatiable appetite for great sounding audio. She is not only the Creative Director at Foolyboo she also produces 3 shows: "This Won't Hurt A Bit", "Shabam!", and "Talking Tesla".  

Her other passion is music. So it makes sense that she is a professional musician and the music supervisor for "Shabam!" Besides working with other artists to give Shabam it's eclectic music feel, she also lends her voice and composing talents to the show. Which is great for Shabam because Ceci was touring the world singing in Rock and Roll bands since she was seventeen. Ceci has toured as a Backing-Vocalist/multi-instrumentalist for numerous bands including; Neil Finn, Jimmy Barnes, Diesel and Liam Finn. Her own band "Evil J & Saint Cecilia" have also produced albums and toured internationally with Eddie Vedder and Liam Finn. 

When she was 8, Ceci swam in the ocean every day for a year (then she turned 9). She's terrified of using the porto-potties (or port-a-loos as they say in Australian) at music festivals for fear of them tipping over, and she loves Cilantro (Coriander).


Wendy Roderweiss

Producer and Director at Foolyboo

Co-Host, Writer and Editor of "Shabam!"

Born and raised in Chicago, Wendy left for the west coast to attend the production program at USC's School of Cinematic Arts.  She has written and produced numerous films including a feature length documentary on hospice nurses,"Stopping for Death: The Nurses of Wells House Hospice", and she continues to work on a comedic short film series based on the five stages of grief.  

Before completely losing her Chicago twang to depths of Los Angeles’ consonant-free dialect, Wendy returned home to become a full-time instructor at DePaul University's School of Cinematic Arts where she is currently training the next generation of storytellers in the art and craft of filmmaking.

She also has a passion for audio, and with fellow Foolyboo-er Josh Kurz contributed to NPR's All Thing's Considered, Day to Day and Radiolab.  She produced the audiobook "Concrete, Invisible, Bulletproof and Fried: My Life as a Revolting Cock" with Chicago Musician Chris Connelly. As a producer and director at Foolyboo, she is co-creator and co-host of Shabam! a new science podcast for kids.

When not working on films, Wendy can be found singing Soprano in whatever chorus will have her, and talking motorcycle tech with her family at the Bonneville Salt Flats (Where they broke a land-speed record--thank you very much!)

She also hates Cilantro.


Josh Kurz

Producer, Sound Designer, Writer and Co-Host of "Shabam!"

Some time before joining the Foolyboo team, Josh Kurz was an embryo, 53 times smaller than a US nickel. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Josh's attempts at an early age to fuse the abstract concepts of science and comedy through multimedia led to many nights filming in the basement and hours of unusable audio recordings (also remember this was before the internet). His passion for explaining difficult concepts in approachable ways has led him on reporting adventures for radio and television. He has explored science topics for NPR, "Radiolab," ABC Nightline, TEDed, and PBS, and he's tackled a variety of topics like ageless lobsters, the mystery of B-flat, cloning, string theory, and why some people (like he and Wendy Roderweiss) hate cilantro.

At Foolyboo, Josh is the sound designer and co-creator of SHABAM! a science podcast for kids. His passion has always been informal science education. That, and racquetball (not true). His favorite foods are sushi and German pancakes, he enjoys swimming and napping, and he becomes very sad when someone uses the phrase "begs the question" (because it's usually used incorrectly, but you look like a prescriptivist douchebag if you point that out...see?).


Bill Connor

Producer, Sound Designer and Editor "This Won't Hurt A Bit", Producer, Recording Engineer and Mixer on "Shabam!"

You might be thinking, “Bill Connor sounds like the name of an Irish secret agent.” Well, you are probably correct. Since we only see him during work hours, his nightly occupation is unknown. But by day he’s Foolyboo’s audio mixmaster. He’s the sound designer for EM:RAP, co-producer and sound designer for This Won’t Hurt a Bit, as well as the recording engineer for Shabam! where he also mixes and masters (hence the nickname). 

Bill is also a filmmaker and works on various ongoing secret film projects (none of them Irish).

Bill has an MFA in cinema production from DePaul University and a BA in English from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. He lives in Chicago, bikes to the store, and changed his life dramatically by throwing away all of his partnerless socks.


Dr Jessica Mason

Co-host, Writer, Producer "This Won't Hurt A Bit"

Before her career in medicine, Dr. Jessica Mason was an award winning ventriloquist. After earning her degree in medicine at the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, she discovered that ventriloquism is a lot easier with a surgical mask. She is currently completing her emergency medicine residency training in Cleveland, Ohio and will be starting her fellowship in medical education at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Fresno.

Jess’s background in theatre and television has helped her follow her passion for medical education as she is not only a regular contributor to EM:RAP but also the co-host and Writer of This Won't Hurt A Bit. Outside of Foolyboo, she is the creator and co-host of two other medical podcasts: Med Forum and The Hippo EM Resident Call Room. Jess can identify 30 southern California Birds by sound alone (except for the Flat Bellied Nuthatch which no one can identify), she enjoys stinky cheese and clever internet memes, and has never been to North Dakota.


Dave Mason

Co-host, Writer, Producer "This Won't Hurt A Bit"

When Dave Mason wasn’t cast to play the part of Pippin in Lord of the Rings (this is true) he decided to join Foolyboo as a producer and writer. Now he is the Co-host, Writer, and Producer of This Won't Hurt A Bit and the resident illustrator for EM:RAP.

Dave Mason earned his Masters in Theatre Arts from California State University, Los Angeles. In addition to working on This Won't Hurt a Bit he is a producer and creative contributor for Med Forum and The Hippo EM Resident Call Room podcasts. His background is in theatre production and illustration. Dave also likes to ferment food so when he’s not doing his various jobs for Foolyboo or thinking about ancient Alien theory, he can be found making sauerkraut.