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August 2016

Seeking Independent Producer


Job Description: Foolyboo Inc. is looking for a talented independent producer to take the lead in creating a weekly audio podcast for Sojourners ( The podcast will be produced by Foolyboo inc for Sojourners using content provided by Sojourners and created by Foolyboo. We are looking for an experienced audio producer with audio editing skills. Must have the ability to craft a compelling story as well as the technical skills to put that story together. We are looking for someone who is comfortable collaborating on ideas and then turning those ideas into content with minimal oversight. Meaning, we want someone to lend their own voice to each episode.

Position: Paid Job, 6 months, up to 40 hours week, expenses paid.

Parent organization: Foolyboo Inc. is a non-profit podcast company bringing the best of science, medicine, legal and socially progressive audio entertainment to the world.

Project description: Sojourners ( is a socially conscious progressive christian organization interested in creating a podcast that will present discussions and opinions on current social issues. The main goal is to help SoJo convert some of their best written material into accessible and compelling podcast and radio content.
• 3-7 minutes content / Episode
• Weekly
• Content created some SoJo interviews, articles and commentary
• Commencement date: Immediately

Producer Position Requirements:
• Understanding and interest of current social issues including issues concerning: minorities, gun control, religious freedom and persecution, the environment, supreme court, LGBT etc
• Experience in radio or podcast producing required
• Audio editing skills with audition or protools required
• Sound design experience preferred
• Exceptional interpersonal skills including interviewing
• Ability to travel esp. to Washington DC
• Research and fact checking content from SoJo
• Experience in posting blog and podcast material
• Exceptional online file management with dropbox and hightail
• Work directly with SoJo staff and Foolyboo executives
• Independent work skills with minor oversight required



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